Let food be your medicine.


Everything we bring to the table is nutritionally calculated and medically inspired to create the best remedies for you.



Your body is a magnificent machine. Nutrient-dense, plant-based, bio-available elements balance its formula. The Substance Vitality Bar treatment resets your standard of vital living with a prescription of progressive culinary flavors, organic cold-pressed juices and DF + GF delicacies. Taste the key to vitality.


We believe in the power of a plant-based diet. Studies have shown that a regimen rich in raw whole foods, including fresh produce, nuts, seeds, and grains, is strongly linked to a range of body and mind benefits, including lower risk of chronic diseases. Plant-based diets also reduce your carbon footprint. By sourcing locally and utilizing the world's most renewable resource, glass, Substance Vitality Bar remains committed to sustainable business practices.



Be Healthy. Be Natural. Be Substantial. It’s more than a hashtag – it’s about embracing sustainable healthy living. Whether you’re taking your first steps toward vitality, or continuing down that path, Substance Vitality Bar will help you elevate your lifestyle. The journey is yours for the taking.